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Product details

If you are looking for cheap and discount light boxes accessories in stock, and quality easy-maintanable light boxes accessories made in China from professional manufacturers, please feel free to contact Wuxi Bright Electrical Looms.,Ltd.

Slim Light Box
Slim Light Box is the new generation of led lighting product based on the highly developed “backlit” technology. This thin light box technology was originally developed for the illumination of LED screens in notebook computers and, today, is widely used in various fields including photoelectric domain.

The features
1.Slim: thickness from 8mm to 60mm
2.Stylish: applicable for any fashionable occasions
3.Hightt efficiency & energy saving: saving over 60% enery companing with traditional light box
4.Brightness: line light source transformed to flat light source, even and gentle light, visual comfort
5.Easy installation: You can easily replace a piece of poster within 5 mins 6.Innovative: The principle and efficiency of this thin light box can be compared with LCD screens.

Specifications of slim Light Box
Aluminum frame series
AF1, AF2, AF2A, AF3A, AF5, AF8A, AF9A, AF10, AF11, AF12A, AF13, AF14, AF15, AF17, AF18, AF19, AF23A, AF23B, AF23C, AF28A, AF30, AF40, AF41, AF42, AF43, AF44, AF45, AF47, AF50A, AF51, AF55,AF60, AF80, AF90

Crystal frame series
CF1A, CF2A, CF3, CF4, CF5, CF6, CF1A-A3/A4-X, CF2A-A3/A4-X, CF4-A3/A4-X, CF5-A3/A4-X

ABS plastic frame series
PF1, PF2, PF3, PF4, PF5, PF6

Light Boxes Accessories >>

Item Model Specilications Unit
Sealing strip AC-PS-001/002 Slot width 5.4mm height of 1.5mm(suitable for AF10/AF11/AF50A) Meter
Aluminous hangerrod ME-AP Extermal diamater Φ10mm Intermal diameter Φ8mm Meter
Plumb wire-steel ME-SR-001 Stainless steel material 1500/pc PC
Rubber coverd wire-steel ME-SR-004 Rubber coverd 0.8mm, any length Meter

Item Model Material Speciffications Unit
AD.Nail ME-ME-AN-D7L70-005
penpoint style Φ7*70mm M5 T1-10mm(available for CF-B6/A4) pcs
Φ7*20mm M5 T3-10mm(available for CF-B6) pcs
ME-ME-AN-D14L28-001 Aluminum Φ14*28mm M8 (available for CF1A) pcs
ME-ME-AN-D14L28-007 Aluminum Φ14*28mm M8 (available for CF1A) Clamp thickness3~13mm pcs
ME-ME-AN-D15L14-001 Aluminum Φ15*14mm M4 (available for CF2A) Clamp thickness4mm pcs
Feet Φ14*70mm M8 T3-17mm pcs
Φ14*10mm (available for CF-A4, CF-X) pcs
ME-ME-AN-D10L18-001 Aluminum Φ10*18mm (available for CF4 Double sides) with size below A1 pcs
ME-ME-AN-D10L22-002 Aluminum Φ10*22mm (available for CF4-A0/A1 Double sides) pcs
ME-ME-AN-003 Aluminum Φ12*13.5mm M8 (available for CF1A) pcs

Item Model Specifications Unit
AF20 Heat sink AL-AF20-BASE-01 Plate width: 13.5mm Bending height: 15mm Meter
AF21 Heat sink AL-AF21-BASE-01 Plate width: 13.4mm Bending height: 4.7mm Meter
AF22 Heat sink AL-AF22-BASE-01 Plate width: 10mm Bending height: 4.21mm Meter
AF24 Heat sink AL-AF24-BASE-01 sSuitable for Waterproof Edgemax Strip of OCB Meter
AF25 Heat sink AL-AF25-BASE-01 Plate width: 45mm Bending height: 4.5mm Meter
AF26 Heat sink AL-AF26-BASE-01 Plate width: 8mm Bending height: 3.4mm Meter
AF28A Heat sink AL-AF28A-BASE-01 Plate width: 12mm Bending height: 4.8mm Meter
AF29 Heat sink AL-AF29-BASE-01 Plate width: 13mm Bending height: 8.5mm Meter
AF32A Heat sink AL-AF32A-BASE-01 Plate width: 50mm Bending height: 10.25mm Meter
AF37 Heat sink AL-AF37-BASE-01 Plate width: 27.4mm Bending height: 8mm Meter
AF49 Heat sink AL-AF49-BASE-01 Plate width: 17mm Bending height: 8mm Meter
"L" Heat sink AL-L型-SRP-01 2000mm*20mm*0.4mm Meter
AL-L型-SRP-02 1800mm*20mm*0.4mm Meter

Item Model Material Specifications Unit
Hardware pendant ME-ME-CP-R-001
TOP-Hang/Round pendant pcs
Side-Hang/D18T10 pcs
Φ40*90mm Top-Hang or movable pendant pcs
Square yard pcs
ME-ME-CP-D14T6-001 Copper Cross pendantΦ14*28mm(6mm, thickness of the clipped panel CF1A/CF2A) pcs
ME-ME-CP-D16T8-001 Copper Cross pendantΦ16*28mm(6mm, thickness of the clipped panel CF1A/CF4/CF5) pcs
Side pendantΦ16*20mm, match M6*8 top screw, M4*25mm cross screw pcs

Item Model Specifications Unit
AF2 Shrapnel ME-T-AF2-001 31.2*18mm pcs
AF2A Shrapnel ME-T-AF2A-001 30.7*18*0.25mm pcs
AF4 Shrapnel ME-T-AF4-001 50*30mm pcs
AF7 Shrapnel ME-T-AF7-001 54*30mm pcs
AF14 Shrapnel ME-T-AF14-001 28.6*26.5*7.6mm pcs
AF19 Shrapnel ME-T-AF19-001 31.5*18*0.25mm pcs
AF41 Shrapnel ME-T-AF41-001 16*20mm pcs
AF80 Shrapnel ME-T-AF80-001 50*30mm pcs

Item Model Specifications Unit
AF23C angle joint ME-Z-AF23C-01 35*35*6.7mm pcs
AF28A angle joint AC-AF28A-CORNER-02 19*12.56*7mm pcs
AF28A Gromment AC-AF28A-GROMMET-02 8*6.68*5.23mm pcs
AF29 angle joint AC-AF29-CORNER-01 19.47*19.47*10.66mm pcs
AF29 Gromment AC-AF29-GROMMET-02 4.9*10*10.35mm pcs
AF32A angle joint AC-AF32A-CORNER-01 12.3*12.3*10.25mm pcs
AF49 angle joint AC-AF49-CORNER-01 21*12.5*8mm pcs
AF55 angle joint ME-ZS-AF55-001 101*101*22mm pcs
AF80 angle joint AC-AF80-CORNER-01 10.14*15.6*18.44mm pcs

Item Model Specifications Unit
AF7 Whoried angle joint ME-ZS-AF7-002 76*31.5 available for AF2/AF10/AF11/AF13/AF18/AF50 pcs
AF7Metal contacter ME-ZS-AF7-001 76*31.5 available for AF2/AF10/AF11/AF13/AF18/AF50 pcs
AF9/18 Whoried angle joint ME-ZS-AF9/18-001 35*1.76 available for AF18 pcs
AF12A Whoried angle joint ME-ZS-AF12A-001 50*10.2 available for AF18 pcs
AF19 Whoried angle joint ME-ZS-AF19-001 34*7.8*2.5mm pcs
AF20 Whoried angle joint ME-ZS-AF20-001 50*10*2 available for AF20/AF50 pcs
AF23 Whoried angle joint AC-Z-AF23-001 57*12*16mm pcs
AF41 Whoried angle joint ME-ZS-AF41-001 46*13*2mm pcs
AF43 Whoried angle joint ME-ZS-AF43-001 100*26.6*4mm pcs

Item Model Dimensional Drawing Photo
Distribution Box CCPL.ACCessories box

Item Model Specifications Unit
DC Jack WI-DC-B3513-600-01/02 3.5*1.3, cable length: 600mm, Black Meter
WI-DC-2B3513-600 Two lead 5.5*2.1, cable length: 1200mm, Black Meter
WI-DC-5B313-500-01 Five lead 3.5*1.3, cable length: 3000mm Meter
WI-DC-B5525-01 DC 5.5*2.5, DC PcbJack Meter
WI-DC-C300G-01 Waterproof connectors 300mm, double core cable Meter
WI-DC-C300M-01 Waterproof connectors 300mm, double core cable Meter
WI-DC-B5525G5521M-100-01 DC 5.5*2.5 male terminal at one end, with female on the other end, cable length 100mm, black Meter
TERMINAL-12-001 A group of 12 terminal material: PE contact element material: copper Meter
TERMINAL-5-001 A group of 5 terminal Model: PCT-258105 Used to connect article lamp Meter

Item Model Specifications Photo
Tripod AC-BR 450~1600mm

Item Model Specifications Unit
Conductor holder ME-ME-FL-017 Φ38*17mm pcs
ME-ME-GS-001 6*6mm pcs
ME-FL-002 Φ16*27.5mm pcs
ME-FL-021 Φ16*38mm pcs
ME-CP-F-D12L18 Φ12*18mm Floor-fixed pendent pcs
ME-CP-M-D18L16 Φ18*16mm medium pendent pcs
ME-ME-CP-S-001 Φ10*74*22mm square pendent pcs

Item Model Specifications Unit
Magret ME-MAG-CIRCLE-T3-003 Circular magnet D12*d7*d3.6*3mm Meter
ME-MAG-SQUARE-T2-001 Square magnet 20*7.5*2mm Meter
ME-MAG-SQUARE-T3-001 Square magnet 20*7.5*3mm Meter
ME-MAG-C18-T2D5-004 Circular magnet D18*2.5mm Meter
Magnetic Strip ME-MAG-STRIP10-001 width 10 thickness 2mm Meter
Iron Strip ME-ALUSB-006 Galvanized iron sheet 1200*7.5*0.4mm Meter
ME-ALUSB-001 Galvanized iron sheet 1250*40mm Meter
ME-ALUSB-002 Galvanized iron sheet 1250*20mm Meter
ME-ALUSB-003 Galvanized iron sheet 845*10mm Meter
ME-ALUSB-004 Galvanized iron sheet 1200*10mm Meter
ME-ALUSB-005 Galvanized iron sheet 845*7.5*0.4mm Meter

Item Type Specifications Unit
Pneumatic rod YI-TCL.气动拉杆-10-500 10kg length 500mm Applicable range 900~1400mm pcs
YI-TCL.气动拉杆-12-500 12kg length 500mm Applicable range 1400~1700mm pcs
YI-TCL.气动拉杆-15-500 15kg length 550mm Applicable range 1700~2000mm pcs
YI-TCL.气动拉杆-3-400 3kg length 400mm Applicable range 600~900mm pcs
YI-TCL.气动拉杆-18-550 18kg length 550mm Applicable range 1700~2000mm pcs
YI-TCL.气动拉杆-5-450 5kg length 450mm Applicable range 700~1000mm pcs
AF5 cover AC-COVER-AF5 suitable for AF5 pcs
AF60 cover AC-COVER-AF60 suitable for AF60 pcs
AF50 hinge ME-HING-001 suitable for AF50A pcs
AF10/AF50 Lock ME-LOCK-AF10-002

suitable for AF10 pcs
General Hook ME-HOOK-WHITE Length: 80.6mm Width: 20mm pcs
Expansion bolt ME-M8*72 8*72mm pcs
Glass Shell AF24B-GHBL LED Wal Washer Accessories pcs
Holder AF24B-ZJ LED Wal Washer Accessories pcs
LED strip LED-PLS-24V-2W23-927-12 LED Wal Washer Accessories pcs
Choke plug DT-2431 LED Wal Washer Accessories pcs
Profile AF24B LED Wal Washer Accessories pcs

Item Model Specifications Unit

AF2 Corner protector

PA-2-001 length 100mm, thickness 68mm, diameter 32mm, thickness 18mm pcs
AF2 edge protector PA-2-001 length 100mm, wide 55mm, thickness 68mm, diameter 28mm, thickness 20mm pcs
AF4 Corner protector PA-4-001 length 100mm, wide 68mm, diameter 40mm, thickness 14mm pcs
AF4 edge protector PA-4-002 length 100mm, wide 55mm, diameter 68mm, diameter 30mm, thickness 19mm pcs

Item Model Specifications Photo
Cupule AC-CU-003 Φ45mm black PVC eco-friendly material

Item Model Specifications( Inner diameter ) Unit
AF P-AF-A3-001 583*37*385mm pcs
P-AF-300-300 350*70*350mm pcs
P-AF-600-600 650*7*750mm pcs
P-AF5-1205 1300*100*400mm pcs
P-AF5-905 1000*100*400mm pcs
P-AF-900 950*70*405mm pcs
P-AF-1800-1200 1850*70*1250mm pcs
P-AF-A0 1325*70*983mm pcs
P-AF-A1 977*70*736mm pcs
P-AF-A2 730*70*562mm pcs
P-AF-A3 556*70*439mm pcs
P-AF-B0 1609*90*1190mm pcs
P-AF-Customized Customized pcs
DP P-DP-L 1040*645*790mm pcs
P-DP-M 730*620*500mm pcs
EM P-EM-360X2 450*32*27mm (2pcs) pcs
P-EM-360X200 520*480*210mm (200pcs) pcs
PF P-PF1-A3-001 583*37*385mm pcs
P-PF1-A4 492*302*48mm pcs
P-PF2-A3 600*378*40mm pcs
P-PF3-A4-001 492*262*48mm pcs
P-PF6-001 775*70*620mm pcs
P-PF6-002 763*23*605mm pcs
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